Wednesday, September 30, 2009


What was your experience in writing the first essay like? How does it compare to the kinds of writing you've done in or out of the classroom before? What do you think would help you become a stronger writer?

Personal Responses

What view of "American in the World" did you have coming into the cluster? Where do you think this idea came from? Has it changed? If so, what text(s) or idea(s) changed it? What do you still want to know? Thinking of the quotes we started with, are your thoughts now closer to Obama or to King?

Life and Debt

Respond to these questions in a post of any format:

- Do you think Life and Debt shows an example of colonialism? Why or why not? How does it compare to other forms of colonialism we've talked about in the cluster?

- Who has the power in the film? How do they hang on to it? What do you think the Jamaicans (either the government or the people) could do to challenge it?

- What connections do you see betwen this film and other cluster texts? Be specific.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Describe your initial reaction to the film. What struck you or surprised you? What do you think the conflict it shows is "really" about? What views of America in relation to the world are presented in the film?


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