Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In-Class work for 12/3

1) If you haven't yet, post your thesis paragraph.

2) Post the first paragraph of your essay - think about how to capture your reader's attention.

3) Look at some of your colleague's thesis and first paragraphs. Leave them a comment about what you notice and what's effective. Use what you discover to revise your own paragraphs.

4) Continue to work on your research essay draft. If you would like to turn in a version for comments, you may do so, or you can also post a section on the blog for comments.

5) For extra credit/to review for the exit exam: read at Obama's speech on Afghanistan: especially look at the last section that begins "Since the days of Franklin Roosevelt" (28:44 on in the transcript) What view of America in the world does Obama argue for? How does it compare to the view of the neoconservatives discussed in "Visions of Dominance"? To other views we've seen this semester.

Then look at this critique of Obama's speech by Vietnam veteran and Professor Andrew Bacevich. What is Bacevich's argument and how does it relate to critiques of U.S. power we've read this semester?