Wednesday, October 21, 2009

In-Class work for 10/22

1) If you haven't posted on the Colbert video or Engler on Klein, do so. Some questions to think about : what is ideological part of Klein's argument, beyond the idea of corruption? In what ways does Klein want the government to do MORE?

2) Read through some recent blog posts of your colleagues and leave a comment. Be sure your blog is set up for people to leave comments.

3) Select a paragraph in the essay you're revising. and go through it with the guidelines we used in class yesterday: Says who? How do you know? So what? Rewrite the paragraph so it meets these guidelines, like we did with the sample paragraph in class on Wednesday.

Post this corrected paragraph on your blog as "Revised Paragraph"

4) Begin step 4 (brainstorming) on your revision handout. Post this on your blog as "revision brainstorm."

Look for my comments as you begin work on your revision.

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