Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Work for Thursday, October 29th

Call me over if you have questions about how to complete any of these steps.

1) Post a repsonse to the question about Our Brand is Crisis and "Latin America in Revolt" outlined write below this post.

2) Print out a copy of your revision in its most updated form. Circle your thesis.

3) Exchange your draft with a classmate. Write your name on your classmate's draft next to the word: "reader."

4) As the reader, go through the essay line by line. Check off each sentence that makes sense. For each sentence that doesn't, give one of the following comments:

- How do you know?
- Says who?
- So what?
- Just plain 'huh'?

If you wish you may also help your classmate by circling grammatical errors or typos but don't correct them.

5) Take your draft back and begin to work through the comments, making adjustments to your essay.

Bring the results of this update to class on Monday, along with the original essay. Be prepared to discuss how you corrected the things your classmates found. Hang onto your classmates' corrected version: you'll turn it in along with the orginal graded version and the final one.

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